Monday, August 20, 2012

Well, I started this blog when I setup an on line shop with etsy, Baubles Abode (  The name came to me as I make jewelry at home in my little studio.
I have never done a blog and really don't know how to start. (so here it goes)
I have always wanted to write and have ideas about stories jump into my brain all the time . My friend Kim has been writing a book for about 7 years now. Not sure how far she got but I do know she used me as one of her character. (Not sure that is so good) She is usually laughing her head off when I say something that inspires her?
 Kim is my travel friend and she will call me out of the blue and say " lets go to Barcelona".
 I say "OK sounds good but better talk to my husband first."
Boat-man my husband always says - Go have fun!! Great guy -right?   
Just to get things straight - I'm not rich- far from it -Boat-man even calls me cheap, tight , etc.  I prefer to think of myself as practical and wise.  I work hard for my $$ and when I travel I don't want to go on 10 dollar a day vacations!  I like a nice hotels, good food, and beautiful vacations spots.
 I may have to turn off the air conditioning and eat Ramen soup for a month but  I will have a nice vacation!

Any way back to Kim- we have started to plan for next year- Thinking Alaska in August? has anyone done that?
Have to go today but I have a few vacation from hell stories to tell you later and my plans for Europe Next month!!