Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ok- So I lost my iPhone and had jaw surgery!

I haven't been writing much due to a few issues. First I lost my iPhone and was so lost couldn't communicate with anyone!! Who writes do phone numbers any more???  Then had a painful jaw surgery! Ouch!
Now I'm back- The good new is- while I was home with a swollen face, couldn't eat, couldn't call anyone,

 I made jewelry! Yes, I was inspired !!
I don't know about other artists but I can only create jewelry, paint, or do anything creative until I get a vision like a bolt of lightning!  I have to see or picture in my head.  Sounds weird but it's true-
I have gone months without working in my little studio.

Being house bound- I got very creative-

Now I'm posting some of my jewelry in Etsy Shop mostly under Native American and Handmade sections. I did a few Western styles too.

 Any way I still have allot more jewelry to list in my Etsy shop.  So check it out----------------