Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm back!
After a year I think I will try this blogging stuff again.
First of all I have done some more travel and have to admit - I wish I were rich so I could travel every month!

However, I am not and as a grandmother of 4 great kids - I spend allot of time being the babysitter.
I do have a hobby/Etsy shop on line that keeps me active and busy promoting my shops on line........ 
First I have Etsy -
That does OK but I have to promote daily-
When I went on vacation for 10 day - my shop died- Not yet back up to the level of business I had before vacation? 
 Then I have a Bonanza booth- I thought I'd do books and other things on Bonanza- but  my sales a few and far between.

My failure- I tried,  Zibbet,  Artfire, Addaway, Big Alley Books, and every free site I could find.

The problem is I don't have $$ to promote my sites and my computer skills are minimal. Also there is the problems that what I sell is flooded in the market place.
Example handmade and vintage jewelry.   

So my plan was to expand my  products.  I did, I added Vintage Ladies Apparel, Home D├ęcor, Western, Mexican, American Indian and supplies sections.  Great Improvement in sales!!!
And what a great time I have learning about antiques and vintage. Love hitting all the Estate sales to find treasures for my shop.
Also enjoy the little shops while out traveling the U.S.A.  Did you know there is a "Paris" Texas?
Also and "Italy" Texas but that was almost a ghost town.
 Also learned you can't be a real town in this country unless you have a Dairy Queen and a Dollar store!! Every town for  Texas to Wisconsin had at least one of each!

 Time to go I need to mail a package - sold one of my handmade Zuni style necklaces. Ya!!

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